Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sometimes the best things in life are free or 50p!

Well firstly, sorry for being AWOL for a little while! It has been rather busy here with Mr Y having to use the laptop most nights to prepare his best man's speech added on to that the manic month of June! We have our wedding anniversary and then Mrs Magee and Mr Magoo's birthdays ten days apart. So we are in a bit of a birthday blur at the moment. Last night I was busy trying to recreate a sugar paste Peter Rabbit and tonight will be spent making Mr McGregor's boots and various vegetables to top the cake that will be made tomorrow night! Tomorrow being Mrs Magee's big day and the grand old age of 2! Anyway on to the blog post. So recently we have done quite a few days/mornings/afternoons out which have been free or a very low price. This has been fabulous seeing as June is an expensive month for us! So last week a lovely friend (thank you Mrs M!) made us aware of the fact that Weston Park was opening it's doors for 50p entry to celebrate being open for 50 years. So Mrs Magee and I spent a great day there with our friends including our Gifts from the Pirates chums.
The adventure playground was fab and I know Mr Magoo would be in his element, so we are going to visit this Sunday as a treat with the inlaws too. Mrs Magee is fairly game for anything so enjoyed getting mucky and climbing the frames and sliding down some high adrenaline slides (I am saying high adrenaline as I nearly fell off the side!).
The grounds are beautiful and we enjoyed having a wander around and a spot of lunch. We are going back again to make use of the 50p entry (Tuesdays in June) next week and the week after! I am also probably going to invest in a season ticket as compared to some local attractions it is quite reasonable and under 4's are free anyway.
We have also enjoyed one of our local parks, it is such a great space and normally quite quiet too, apart from the tractors, but they are a welcome addition! Mr Magoo can safely go round and round the little track on his scooter and be seen at all times whilst I watch Mrs Magee on the other equipment. This is great as everyone is a winner. Yesterday the weather was great and we could relax there with Grandma so much so that we are going back again for a little birthday picnic!
Lastly in this post we visited Lilleshall Abbey again due to a recommendation by a friend (thank you Mrs W!), it is a stunning place, especially in the sunshine. Mrs Magee and I met up with some of our Mummy friends and their children and we enjoyed exploring the ruins and eating a picnic. I will let the photos do the talking! Bye for now, I am off for a date with some wellington boots!

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  1. We love lilleshall Abbey, the grass seems so springy and its great for the kids to run about. I'm glad you've had lots of fun xx