Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The night before school.

So I sit here the night before you start school for the first time Mr Magoo. You are excited and happy and looking forward to the new adventure with your best friend. I am so glad about that. I am a mixture of emotions. Excited too but anxious, worried, apprehensive and sad. Sad that it is the biggest step yet of you growing up and not being my baby boy anymore and anxious that you will start to lose your innocence now that you're going to have more outside influences than you've had before. These things can be flipped to be positive too of course and I am sure I will see that more clearly soon. Tonight though it feels more sad for me as you are my first born off to school. I watched you sleep tonight, sucking your thumb and cuddling Flat Ted and looking too little to be starting school.
I have treasured these last 4 years with you and love being able to be home with you and not miss anything. You have got on well at nursery and I know you will be great at school. You have already shown disappointment that you have to come home early tomorrow and Thursday and I take that as a massive positive because it shows just how happy you are to go. I just keep everything crossed that this enthusiasm continues and that you love primary school like you should do. I have so many happy memories from my primary schools and I am still friends with quite a few of those I was there with. I hope the same for you. Hopefully you won't feel too pressured and you will enjoy learning regardless of what levels you are at. I guess that's the part I am most anxious about, the pressure that I know all teachers are under. I just hope that the new curriculum changes are enjoyable for you and that school doesn't feel like a pressure cooker for you. We shall see. So whilst I triple check your uniform for names and creases and set it all out for the morning along with working out what time to get up. I will pop in to watch you sleep again and hope your dreams come true. xxx

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  1. Lucie..... you've prepared him so well with the skills needed- he is equipped in the ways that really matter and your kind, sensitive little boy will shine at this next stage of his life. Smile, be confident for him and be a brave mummy. Love you, Cxx