Monday, 12 May 2014

Jurassic Park and Indoor Sandcastles!

Bookmarking and 'liking' pages on the internet and Facebook which have fun recipes and ideas on is a common occurrence. Actually remembering them and trying them out is less frequent! I have made home made playdough before and it was great, I only made half the quantity and it was loads and it lasted well past the 3 months it said and was probably more like 2 years! The colour had faded somewhat though! So one rainy day I decided to make a new batch so Magoo could play with it alongside his new dinosaurs. I used this recipe (I love the Imagination Tree website, so many fabulous ideas). I added green food dye as we felt it was the best suited colour and we got to work. Magee and Magoo loved playing with it, especially Magoo though, he really got in to it and was content for ages. Magee lasted a little while and then enjoyed chucking hers on the floor!
Another recipe I had wanted to try was Cloud Dough so we gave this a whirl too as it looked super easy. It was! So we had lots of fun experimenting with it and making sandcastles and using cake and jelly moulds. Then obviously they had to be destroyed by a dinosaur!

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  1. Great pictures, i might give that play doh recipe a try this week seeing as the weather is keeping us from having to much outdoor fun xxx